Publish and Plan Events with the Magic of AI

July 1st, 2023

Today, I’m thrilled to unveil the innovative advancements to DREAM.page. It’s an online publishing tool with event and RSVP management that has been reimagined to not only change the way you write but how you engage your audience as well.

DREAM.page now facilitates creation and management of events right from your blog posts with a simple tick. Whether it’s a meetup, a seminar, or an interactive session, you can set the date, time, location, maximum attendees, screening policy, and much more within moments.

DREAM.page continues to be intuitively easy and enjoyable for creating elegant blogs. The built-in image generation AI, attractive photo frames, and sleek modern formatting ensure your pages load swiftly and make a striking impression.

Feature Availability
Blogging and content publishing ✅ Yes
Create events and manage RSVPs ✅ Yes
Attendee screening and intelligence ✅ Yes
Automated emails ✅ Yes
QR code check-in ✅ Yes
Name badge label printing ✅ Yes

I believe that DREAM.page’s potential to transform online writing and audience engagement is limitless. I invite you to explore the new features, incorporate them into your blogging journey and share your feedback!

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